Arizona 318

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About Arizona 318


The Océ Arizona 318 GL flatbed printer is a highly-capable introductory model that offers smaller print producers entrance to the world high-quality UV flatbed printing. It delivers quality printing on the same robust platform as the Océ Arizona 360 GT printer, at a price positioned for light production environments. This attractive price point makes it accessible to print shops and sign makers with lower volume demands, while still delivering all the quality and versatility built into every Océ Arizona Series printer.


  • Sign makers, smaller print providers and reprographers can now get all the quality and versatility of the Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers at an affordable price point.
  • The Océ Arizona 318 GL printer is priced about 35 percent less than the mid-volume Océ Arizona 360 GT model. It is ideal for graphics producers that need true flatbed quality and capability but cannot afford a large capital investment.


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