iWEMC Accounting Management Plug-in

Output Management and Cost Control


About iWEMC Accounting Management Plug-in


Accounting Management Plug-in is an easy solution that allows organizations to effectively track document output, manage associated output costs and recover lost revenue from abusive printing. Designed for simple installation and ease of use, Accounting Management Plug-in accounts for all document activity on the network.

In addition, Accounting Management Plug-in provides an effective and economic solution for customers in the legal, consulting, and engineering fields. By using Accounting Management Plug-in's 3-tiered billing code functionality, customers in these industries can easily account for document production and charge their clients for these services.

The Accounting Management Plug-in is a modular upgrade to the imageWARE Enterprise Management Console device management framework. With this one application, not only can IT administrators understand document output costs, they can also realize their return on investments.

Using Accounting Management Plug-in, you can:
  • Track document output costs
  • Offer charge-back capability with an accurate collection of billing data on a per-project basis for all your copies, prints, faxes, and scans
  • Enforce document-level print restriction, discouraging the use of higher-cost machines and increasing overall security
  • Quickly generate ROI reports
  • Provide simple and efficient billing code management
  • Chart the optimal deployment of office equipment