imageWARE Scan Manager DS

Document Distribution and Management


About imageWARE Scan Manager DS


Canon's imageWARE Scan Manager DS is an advanced indexing system that simplifies batch scanning and indexing. Specialized for high-volume jobs, imageWARE Scan Manager DS offers businesses of all sizes the production-level support they need to process paperwork quickly and accurately. As the front-end data capturing and indexing application, it transforms paper documents to electronic business information. It then releases it to imageWARE Document Server or other document management systems other than Canon for storage, management, and retrieval. It's easy to use, too, with wizard tools and an intuitive user interface that allows office users to perform sophisticated indexing functions. Wizard tools and job launcher help simplify job creation, batch setup, form registration, and routing automation - and further increase throughput of document processing.

In conjunction with imageWARE Document Server, it's the ideal solution for any business with the need to digitize, index, and retrieve large quantities of paper documents for increased workplace productivity and lowered labor and storage costs.