Authorized Send Lite

Document Distribution and Management


About Authorized Send Lite


Authorized Send Lite is a MEAP® (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) application developed by Canon U.S.A., Inc. – Latin America Group. It is a server-less application installed and operated on a Canon MEAP enabled MFP device, which offers users open access to everyday walk-up features such as copying but requires authentication to all send features, Scan to SharePoint, Scan to FTP Address and Scan to Folder.

Authorized Send Lite supports the following key customer requirements:

  • Restricting scanning and sending capabilities only to authorized users by authenticating to a variety of flexible servers and protocols.
  • Simplified intuitive workflow for basic Scan to FTP Address, Scan to SharePoint and Scan to Folder.
  • Allow all users to perform everyday walk-up operations, while maintaining authentication during Send activities.
  • Reduce administrative burdens with a server-less solution.
  • Offers One-Touch Button capabilities.