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About Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Series


Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Series, the world’s most productive high speed, high volume cut sheet printer

The Océ VarioPrint 6000+ series of printers are the most productive digital monochrome presses in their class. Based on Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology, this duplex printer series takes monochrome speed to new heights. With ultra-fast speed and benchmark reliability, print professionals can take on more jobs and turn them around faster, enter profitable new markets like digital book printing, expand services and do more with less. All while reducing costs and environmental impact. The result is a win-win proposition that delivers business stimulus benefits, expands opportunities, and optimizes resources and investment protection. The Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Series Line now also uses its Océ Gemini Technology to provide cost-effective printing solutions to meet the high demands in Transactional Printing and MICR printing environments.

Canon now offers the:

  • Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+ Line: For commercial printers and corporate in-plant environments
  • Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP+ Line: For Transactional Printing (TP) environments
  • Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR+ Printers: For highly sensitive, negotiable financial documents

The Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+, TP+ and MICR+ Printer Lines are scalable to meet the needs of high volume duplex printers. Available in four speed models – 6160, 6200, 6250, 6320 and offering print speeds from 166 to 306 ipm Letter and 89 to 164 ipm 11 x 17 inch. The fastest duplex printer in the series, the Océ VarioPrint 6320+ high volume printer is 25 percent faster than the Océ VarioPrint 6250+ system and offers productivity that is unmatched by its nearest competitor, making it ideal for grueling double-sided printing requirements. Peak production periods bring their own challenges. With Océ’s Speed Pass Program, Temporary Speed License, so the Océ VarioPrint 6000+’s print speed can be upgraded when and where it is needed. Without a significant long-term investment, peak production workloads can now be turned around faster and keeping clients satisfied. Océ Gemini Instant Duplexing Technology uses a single engine to drive two imaging belts that print both sides of the page in a single pass. As a result, duplex jobs print faster and more reliably. With the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+, TP+ and MICR+ Lines, you can offer customers a single source for a variety of job types with the fastest job turnaround on the market, offset-like quality and near-perfect registration. Océ VarioPrint 6000+ high volume printers are the most productive systems on the market for duplex cut sheet printing For more information about the individual product lines, click the Configurations tab.


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