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Service Notice: To Users of Drop-in Circular Polarizing Filters PL-C52(WII) and Drop-in Circular Polarizing Filters PL-C52

Thank you for using Canon products.

If an affected filter is used in the orientation as described in the instruction manual, it will not function correctly as a circular polarizing filter.

Affected Products
Some units of Drop-in Circular Polarizing Filters PL-C52(WII), and some units of Drop-in Circular Polarazing Filters PL-C52.

How to determine if a filter is affected:

1. If the filter has one of the marks shown in the image below, it is NOT affected. It is a normal unit.

2. If the filter does not have one of the marks described in 1. above, the method below can be used to check whether or not it is affected.

With the [▲FRONT] marking on the filter facing forward (towards the computer monitor's screen), when the dial is rotated, the filter surface of non-affected filters will turn dark (black) as shown in image b) below.
Affected units will change color as shown in image a) below, but they will not turn dark (black) in the same way as non-affected units.

When one of the affected units shown in image a) above is held in the opposite orientation and then rotated, it will turn dark (black).

*If an affected unit is inserted in the lens in this orientation (the reverse orientation to that described in the instruction manual), the left and right positions of the rotating dial and lock buttons will be inversed, it will function correctly as a circular polarizing filter.

Free-of-charge repairs will be provided for customers who own an affected filter, so customers are asked to bring their filters to their nearest Canon service center.

Contact Information
Should you have any questions about the announcement, please contact the Authorized Service Facility in your area or you may contact the Call Center within your region.