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Service Notice: EOS 5D Mark III Change in Displayed Exposure Value

Please see the changes to the “Identification Procedure” section below regarding criteria for affected serial numbers. The identification method has been enhanced to include the first digit in the identification procedure in order to more precisely identify affected products.

Thank you for using Canon products.

Concerning the EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR camera, when the LCD panel illuminates in extremely dark environments, the displayed exposure value may change. Canon has decided on our service policy to address this phenomenon, so we would like to inform you of the details as described below.

In extremely dark environments*, if the LCD panel illuminates, the displayed exposure value may change. However, when shooting with a lens attached, this change in exposure value may not significantly affect the shooting results.

* Some examples of a dark environment are as follows:
  1. When the body cap is attached
  2. When the lens cap is attached

Affected Product 
The phenomenon described above may occur in Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Cameras whose first and sixth digits of the serial number are as set forth below.

Identification Procedure:
Serial Number: [XnnnnNnnnnnn] 
“X”=”0” and “N”=”1” or “2”
“n” represents any digit.
Examples of affected serial numbers are: 0nnnn1nnnnnn” or 0nnnn2nnnnnn” .

When shooting with a lens attached, this phenomenon may not significantly affect the shooting results. However, if you would like to have us inspect your camera, we will provide this service free of charge. Please bring your camera to the nearest Canon Service Center.

Contact Information
Should you have any questions about the announcement, please contact the Authorized Service Facility in your area or you may contact the Call Center within your region.